Robert Morris University in Normandy

[Every two years since 2012, Interkultur has organized the stay for Robert Morris University in Normandy, for a group of students from Chicago, as part of their educational trip to France, originally initiated by Shelley LaMantia-Wright, dean at RMU.(
Karen E. Novey, French, accounting, finance and management teacher as well as Paris study abroad adviser, oversees the entire stay, from the trip to Normandy to the classes scheduled in Paris. Indeed, students follow a set of courses in cooperation with the American Business School of Paris for nearly two months.
The group usually consists of a dozen students, aged between twenty and thirty years old, and a tutor companion in addition to Mrs. Novey.

The trip begins with the arrival of the group at the airport and its transportation by a private minibus to a comfortable student residence booked by the American University.
The five to six days trip to Normandy is expected to make the most of the region, historically, architecturally as well

 as gastronomically. Furthermore, diverse and cultural events are aimed to highlight Norman and French society as a whole to confront students with daily life and social interactions.
With a 3 * different hotel every night, travelling with a VIP minibus allows the discovery of emblematic places like Mont Saint-Michel, the cliffs of the alabaster coast, the WW2 landing beaches, cities like Honfleur, Saint-Malo, Caen, Rouen and Bayeux, and many other famous and lesser known sites but noteworthy for their charm, their particularity or cultural contribution.
The bus rides take on a life of their own and are serve as a good occasion to awaken to the local culture with presentations on historical or cultural sites visited, learning and singing along of famous French songs, question and answer games or introduction to French language.
Similarly, as lunches are taken freely, special attention is given to restaurants every evening with the entire group sitting together and a full menu to choose from in a unique setting showing the charms of the region. The desserts options of the restaurant are carefully selected, with original and typically French creations!

Of course, allergies or personal choices are taken into consideration beforehand.
If the general theme are cultural discovery and heritage as a whole, a large part of the visits is dedicated to the Second World War, very often must-sees for American travelers.
In addition, free time allows for individual walks, moment visits, shopping, a little rest or even a swim in the sea! The evenings after meals are often an opportunity to further enrichmente and to continue discussions late into the night.

For the weekend return to Paris, a prestigious restaurant is chosen to celebrate the end of the trip with a final meal together.
However, this is not always the last meeting, as American guests may ask for another collaboration, such as a special themed visit in Paris, or a shorter trip in another region.
It is our continual pleasure to work with the students, teachers and staff of Robert Morris University
Long live the Robert Morris University discovery journeys in France!

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