3 Reasons To Use Stand-up Displays For Your Online Seminars

3 Reasons To Use Stand-up Displays For Your Online Seminars

Traditionally, seminars would be held with both the presenter and the attendees being present in a physical location. Often, the presenter would present slides on a stage through a projector. However, with evolving technology, the landscape for many events is changing. This is especially the case due to the various changes that the coronavirus has forced, like more online meetings and work at home jobs.

Now, even seminars are conducted online where individuals or groups of attendees watch presenters online. In this way, they can reap advantages like avoiding long commutes and staying safe from transmitted diseases. However, it has been noted that online seminars do not quite have the same ‘feel’ as traditional seminars do. Is there a way that can replicate such a feeling online? We believe stand-up displays, or freestanding signs, provide various reasons that can enhance online seminars. Here are three reasons to use stand-up displays for your online seminars:

1. Replicate the prominence of a stage
In traditional seminars, presenters are often on stage, which helps bring attention to them. With online seminars, such a feeling is difficult to replicate as presenters may not come onto a stage and may just sit in front of a computer and webcam. This may not have as much of a captivating effect on their online audience. Stand-up displays can help replicate this feeling through online means due to the large size of these screens.

Additionally, these displays have vertical height, which helps the presenters look more prominent than ultra-wide traditional screens. In this way, presenters will be able to reach out to their online audiences much more effectively. It also helps groups of attendees at a single physical location to focus on one screen instead of different screens. When people focus on different screens, such as in one branch of a company seminar, it will feel less like a seminar. Similarly, presenters can judge the size of their audiences due to these large displays.

2. Integration of media and software
Stand-up displays allow various forms of media and software to integrate with them. This can be extremely useful when presenters want to present information in the form of slides and presentations. They can do this very easily with displays, allowing you to change screens however you wish. They can even display real-time statistics and data by integrating the screen with the data source.

Additionally, these displays can even display videos without compromising quality since they contain HD screens. In fact, through this integration, you can configure your displays for interaction. Such a feature can be helpful for online seminars to replicate traditional seminars where audiences tend to interact with presenters.

3. Ideal for different weather conditions
Online seminars conducted with traditional screens and computers can only really be conducted indoors. If they are to be conducted outside, there is often a need to take measures to protect them from the heat or rain. This can make the whole venture expensive. This is where outdoor stand-up displays can help, as they are weatherproof. This means they can work in any weather, whether it be snowing, rainy or sunny. It ensures that you are not restricted to where you can put them, which can be valuable for efficient space usage in a workplace.

Additionally, the HD screens are highly readable in high brightness sunlight, ensuring that attendees can comfortably read if they watch the online seminars outside. These freestanding displays are available in various sizes, ensuring that you can obtain one for any outdoor or indoor audience.

Due to the ever-changing landscape caused by improving technology and the coronavirus pandemic, online seminars occur more than ever. However, these seminars tend not to be as effective as traditional seminars. This is primarily because online seminars are not as captivating. One such way of capturing audience and attendees’ attention is through stand-up displays. Since they are large and contain vertical height, they can make presenters look more prominent. This helps them achieve their desired effect more effectively. These displays allow integration with media and software, allowing presenters to show slides and data effortlessly. These displays are weatherproof, ensuring that you can conduct online seminars anywhere.
Please consider incorporating stand-up displays for your online seminars. They create a professional look to your presentations and enable you to better organise your presentation.