Normandy has a lot to offer, between beautiful seaside resorts, quaint villages, delicious and varied gastronomy, typical architecture, World War II related sites, world class horse breeding and racing, great cities as well as amazing landscape!

You can choose to go straight to a destination from Paris, and just pick a day tour, either to the Normandy Battlefields or to other parts of the region, from Rouen to Giverny, or Deauville and the high cliffs along the coast up to Dieppe. All these destinations are easy to reach with a comfortable private car. They will allow to discover patrimonial treasures, typical environment as well as tasting world famous samples of Normandy food!

For a longer break, the journey we propose will wander to farther points of interests, related to your desires.
Starting with one of France’s top visited historical site, the Mont Saint Michel, fascinating island topped with a thousand year old abbey shrouded in a fortress, the trip, going eastwards, will not forget special sites nearby. Many historical cities are on the way. Even if they sometimes have been badly scared with last war’s fightings, they often propose interesting features, with local artisans, gastronomy, or special experience.

If time allows, the ride will unravel marvels of the Cotentin, lesser known peninsula facing England. Fascinating castles, landscape, battlefield memorials can be expected.
A great deal of the trip will be dedicated to local sites related to the landings in June 1944. Normandy abounds with museums and memorials, such as the landing beaches, the American cemetery or the Can war memorial. But many unknown sites, although equally fascinating, can be proposed.

Normandy is also world famous for seaside resorts such as Deauville, Cabourg or Houlgate, quaint and superb villages farms and castles in the Auge country.
Starting with le Havre, city now on world heritage list for its concrete reconstruction and complete new layout after the war, the cliffs coastline until Dieppe is breathtaking. Some hidden places on the way, can be unraveled to grasp the real spirit of Normandy.

The journey will end along the Seine river valley. Places between Rouen, beautiful and biggest city in Normandy and Giverny, home to Impressionist painter Claude Monet, are full of surprises, with evocative abbeys in ruins, fantastic manors and castles, delicacies to taste, typical half timbered farms or horse stables and many more mysterious places we’ll love to uncover for you!

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