Meet French Singers and learn French!

Learn French with French songs and meet French singers!

Discover the “popular French song” scene. Nader Mekdachi, band leader of Padam, has shared stages for 15 years with artists such as Sanseverino, Alain bashung, Benabar, Loïc Lantoine, Bertrand Belin, Emily Loizeau, Camille, Mathieu Bogaerts, Babx, Jean Louis Murat and many other popular French singers.
He will take a group of students to a concert to meet French singers after studying with them the context, lyrics and influences of the artist. The module will end with an interview with the artist lead by the students. A video of the concert and meeting is given to the participants.
This activity is open to language students groups only!

Classes are normally held at Interkultur’s offices, but can also be provided in other training centers or convenient students’s accomodation meeting room. The program is conducted in French for five sessions, each lesson has a duration of two hours. The group has no prerequisite number of participants. Training can be held for between five to twenty-five people.

The price of the concert, video and instructional materials are included in the training.

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