Housing aid

Getting lodgings for students in Paris can be pretty difficult and expensive. Find out our solutions.

Interkultur can help you with many years of experience and an expert network. There are several types of accomodation available, with a furnished student apartment to host families, flat sharing, or hostels.
We are committed to finding rates adapted to your application and type of stay. All accommodation suggested feature will Wifi internet access and a high standard of hygienne.

We regularly book hotels for students groups, according to price and university requirements. Interkultur can offer solutions in different areas of Paris or even in the suburbs such as la Défense business area, or near airports for instance. Rooms are usually shared between 2 or 3 people, but can be shared up to eight, depending on your budget.
Single rooms can of course be booked upon request.
We can arrange for a continental breakfast at the hotel if you desire. We can also arrange for an agreement with a bakery nearby to provide your group with discounts on breakfasts and lunches as well as a spacious free meeting room to dine

Interkultur strongly insists students follow hotel regulations so that their stay will not bother other clients at night, or prevent us with carrying on further business relations with the hotel.
Students will be advised to exercise normal safety precautionsday and night.

We will always assist our clients with any loss or problem during their stay, however, Interkultur cannot be held responsible for any misbehaviour or damaged goods.

For more details and a quote adapted to your group or situation: