The unknown catacombs

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13 h 45 - 15 h 15

le Royal

The most incredible legal underground experience in Paris

Close to the Val de Grace and underneath a modern hospital lies a totally unexpected place: the last quarry housed
in the catacombs.

An association of quarriers, the last one active in Paris, takes care of the numerous rooms and tunnels, carving and digging the stones in order to get a surprising lounge where everyone sits around a massive stone table.

A few objects, mannequins and skulls remind the former catacombs linked to a monastery of the Capucins order. The quarry was also used as an air raid shelter during the last war. Several objects and the main metallic door witnessing that time.

Some corridors, with 18th century indications, lead to rooms with medieval stelae or quarriers tools, when others have vegetables growing in the dark!

Come and learn about the last quarriers in Paris, keeping centuries old traditions alive!

1,5 hrs  walk in English including the whole visit and access. (10 people max.). There are just stairs to go down, walking there is very safe with dry and even floors.
Small groups are privileged to keep social distances and health regulations.

25€/person. Includes entry fee and right of speech






Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.