The Crypts of Saint Sulpice

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14 h 00 - 15 h 30

Outside Café du métro

Visit the largest church crypts in Paris

The crypt has actually the same size as the church above and contains at the center the remains of the smaller, former church from the 15th century.

The crypts are a real labyrinth, were some areas are used every day and others look like antechambers to the Catacombs.

The vast corridors were used to store stained glass windows and sculptures from other Parisian churches during the last war. A big well, now walled up, used to be outside the old church’s entrance on the street.

One crypt is used as a Romanian orthodox church and another as a theater. It is where the ossuary, created in 1837 can be found. Multiple tombs, massive statues and funerary inscriptions are also spread all around.

Meeting point: Outside Café du métro, 67, rue de Rennes. Exit of métro Saint Sulpice.


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