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9 h 00 - 17 h 00

Gare de l'Est

A day in Meaux

Just 25 minutes East of Paris, the city of Meaux is largely unknown to most tourists. On arrival, local buses will take us to the Museum of the Great War, showing objects, artefacts, reconstructed trenches and overall history of both Battles of the Marne that happened nearby in 1914 and 1918.

Buses will then take us back to the city center for a lunch on our own, before taking a stroll through the historical center and walking together within the beautiful Episcopal compound, antique city walls and the Cathedral, where the figure of Meaux’s most famous personality will be revealed: Bishop Bossuet, tutor to Louis 14th’s only son and eternal critic of the King’s misbehaviors.

Finally, a degustation of Brie cheese, the local delicacy, will take place in the celebration rooms of the local tourist office, led by Brie de Meaux’s official corporation members.

The train leaves Paris at 08:47 am. Back in Paris around 5 pm.

8 hours tour in English. 50€/person.

Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.