Hôtel de Sully

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14 h 30 - 16 h 00

Outside église Saint Paul

Visit the headquarters of the French National Historical Monuments.

The Hotel de Sully is one of the Marais’s most sumptuous private mansions, closed to the general public. If the front yard with superb Renaissance high reliefs on the façade, is quite well known, the tour will uncover a real treasure: the fully furnished interior apartments. The National Historical Monuments Center, housed in the building, managed to recover pristine furniture from the 17th century, when the place was inhabited by the Duke and Duchess de Sully, sometimes with pieces belonging to the family.

The mansion, located in the heart of the historical Marais district, is also well know for the passageway, open in the building with a beautiful staircase and a bookstore specialized in the history of Paris. The majestic back garden also offers a narrow passageway toward the famous Place des Vosges, first square ever built in Paris.

Guided tour in English. 25€/person

Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.