Hotel de Beauvais

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10 h 00 - 11 h 30

Devant le bar les Chimères

Visit one of the Marais’s most historical mansions

Hotel de Beauvais holds its name from Catherine de Beauvais, lady in waiting to the Queen in the 1640’s. Nicknamed “One-eye Cathy”, she happened to give young Louis XIV, his first lessons in bed. The mansion is a sign of the king’s gratitude.

As a Bavarian Embassy, the building also saw young Mozart stay there when he came to Paris at the end of the 18th century, before one of Paris’ most notorious gambling place settled there. After the French Revolution, like many Marais mansions, the Hotel de Beauvais was stripped from its outstanding decors and parted into numerous flats and small factories.

The yard of honor has now been restored and shows a sumptuous decor as well as an original and rare layout, due to the lack of space. The visit will also highlight the 13th century Gothic vaulted cellars and a superb elliptic staircase at the back of the courtyard.

The building, despite many changes and alterations, has retained the beautiful staircase of honor from the 17th century, used by so many famous guests. It now takes people and visitors to the modern rooms of the City of Paris administrative court of appeal.

Walk in English
25€/person. Includes entry ticket and right of speech.


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