Getaway to Ecouen

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9 h 00 - 17 h 30

Gare du Nord

A trip to Ecouen

Very close to Paris is a rare beauty, a splendid chateau built in the 16th century. It houses the National Museum for collections from the Renaissance period.

Even though original furniture has disappeared, some rooms have been beautifully restored with their wooden paneled offices, splendid fireplaces or vaulted ceilings. A large collection of objects has been gathered including goldsmiths masterpieces like the Spanish Emperor’s golden clock, rare wooden chests, a superb series of tapestries,  including the series on David and Bethsabee, but also superb cabinets with marquetry and precious stones. The chapel is another highlight of the visit with a painted ceiling and rich decor.

Just behind the chateau, the small town of Ecouen is spread around a church boasting of superb stained glass windows from the 16th century as well as an old mansion now housing the tourism office. A permanent exhibition shows the first telegraph attempts and experiments held in the mid 19th century by Claude Chappe.

A 30 minutes art trail in the city center will show paintings from various artists who chose Ecouen for inspiration as an art school in the second half of the 19th century. One of them was the American painter Mary Cassatt. Close by, a short conference in the town hall will highlight this period with the city’s painting collection.

The day will end with a stroll back through the forest to the train station and Paris.

Lunch has been arranged in a local restaurant close to the chateau.

6 hours Walk in English 60€/person. Includes all Museums and entrance tickets. Departure from Gare du Nord at 09 am. Back in Paris around 5:30 pm.



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