A walk in Sceaux

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9 h 30 - 13 h 00

Fontaine des Innocents

Exploring Colbert’s domain and the city

Sceaux is beautiful suburban city south of Paris. The vast park, with a canal, follies and Le Notre garden, is typical of the 17th century. If Colbert‘s castle was destroyed and replaced in the 19th century, the memory of Louis the 14th famous minister has been kept with the orangerie and the marvelous Pavillon de l’Aube (the Dawn pavilion), both exceptionally open.

After unveiling a few hidden treasures in the park, we’ll stroll the city and it’s vibrant weekly market, before, for those wishing, taking lunch in a city center restaurant.

3 hours on site. All sites entries included. RER ticket or Navigo card required
Meeting point: Fontaine des Innocents, Place Joachim du Bellay (Chatelet les Halles).

Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.