A day in Dourdan

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8 h 45 - 17 h 15

gare d'Austerlitz

Lest’s go and spend a day in Dourdan

The small town is a the edge of the Greater Paris Region, easily accessible by RER and free with a Navigo card.

Located upon the Orge river, at the South west of Paris, Dourdan is a quiet Medieval town with some old ramparts still standing and charming paths along the river.

The main attraction is undeniably the Medieval castle built by King Philippe Auguste at the start of the 1220’s, shortly after the Louvre fortress.

Even if sieges, destructions and wars didn’t spare the place, it is a unique occasion to see what the old Louvre looked like, as both sites have similar ground plans.

Today, the castle houses a Museum with antiques, paintings, sculptures and porcelains as well as a restored Medieval home.

Lunch has been arranged in a comfortable brasserie located in a historical building of the city center.

Among other curiosities of Dourdan, we’ll be able to see the 13th century wooden hall market as well as the old church, the historical hospital and several splendid private mansions.

Walk in English 50€/person. Includes all Museums or monuments tickets. Departure from Gare d’Austerlitz at 8:45 am. Back in Paris at 6 pm. The meeting point is outside Austerlitz station entrance, next to RER C access.



Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.