Cultural Activities in Paris

Guided Tours

With nearly 40 guided Tours of Paris, Interkultur takes your group on an exploration of the city. With our expert knowledge of the history of Paris and its surrounding architecture groups can discover part unknown through neighborhood walks. Tours outside the city, such as trips to Versailles, Fontainebleau, and Chantilly, are also available.


At Interkultur we can take groups to discover France’s reputable cuisine. At noon for a light lunch or the evening for dinner, we can offer an endless choice of recommendations at your convenience.

Paris by night

As part of a language course, student parties can be arranged through our partnerships with various Parisian institutions from bars and cafés, to nightclubs and privatized spaces. Discounted rates are negotiated to allow all groups to enjoy the festive nightlife of Paris.

Cultural events

Beyond classes and day visits, Interkultur offers other cultural activities such as concerts, theater shows, cinema screenings, cabarets, and the circus among others. We can adapt this service to suit the nature of your stay.

Wine tasting

France has a rich tradition with the culture of wine. There is a great deal of wine are to be discovered, whether by region, grape variety, or pleasure. From Champagne, Burgundy, Loire Valley, or even in Paris, we’ll take you to some wine ewperience you won’t forget!


Interkultur offers various entertainment activities according to your requirements and taste. Rally discoveries of Paris (Q/A), picnics in parks and gardens, or sports activities are available to accompany your tour.

Examples of trips organized by us:

Robert Morris university in Normandy

Atlanta students trip to France