Olga Antonenko-Lamoureux
Painter from Kiev, based in Paris for several years, conducting several activities. In her studio, she paints pictures abounding with inventive shapes and colors. She also teaches painting: “Learn how to draw with colors” where participants open with happiness to their inner world.

Thierry Heil
Professor of French language and civilization.
Specialist of Paris, guiding and organizing trips in Paris and French regions.
Degree in French language, history and art history.

Geraldine Eggericks
American and Norwegian. Organizing concerts and events in Europe for many years. Director of a music label, she is also at the center of an international network connecting conventional, visual and digital arts.

Jean Lamoureux
Teacher of French language and culture, He’s also a specialist in French litterature and has guided for many years in Paris and in various regions of France.
Author of French educational books, poems and various other writings.

Florent Ouillé
Graduated from the Sorbonne in litterature and of Ecole du Louvre in art history. Teacher of French as a foreign language and history. Guide in Paris and French regions. He is also an actor and passionate of wines.

Nader Mekdachi
Author, composer, performer, singer of PADAM for 15 years, but also solo artist. He has shared the stage with many famous musicians, and has built a strong netwoek of contacts in the world of contemporary French music.